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More than i can says(爱你在心口难开)


yesterday First of May Don't Know Why Oh Life  What Will I Do

Fill Me In You Raise Me Up Babylon Rock-A-Bye-Baby My Heart Will Go On

a place in the sum(阳光地方) Crying in the Rain I Will Be Here for You

And i love you so(我如此深爱你) A very special love song(特别情歌)

again(再次) always(永远) all i have to do is dream(沉醉于梦中) A Thousand Miles 

All I've ever Wanted所有我曾想要的 all out of love(失去爱) american pie(美国派)

always on my mind(常驻我心) Angel of the Morning Juice Newton清晨的天使

Another Day in Paradise 天堂里的另一天 are your lonesome tonight(今晚你寂寞吗)

frandie(法兰克) Beautiful sunday(灿烂星期天) Beauty and the Beast美女与野兽

because i love you(因为我爱你) Because You Loved MeCeline Dion因为你爱我

before the next teardrop falls(下次落泪之前) blowing in the wind(随风而逝)

both side now(两面想法) cottom fields(棉田)

can you feel the love tonight(今夜你能否感觉到爱) california dreaming(加洲之梦)

can't buy me love(无情之恋) Can't Stop Loving You 不能停止爱你

Careless Whisper 无心呢喃 diana(黛安娜) casablanca(卡萨布兰卡) child(孩子)

crying in the rain(雨中的哭泣) devoted to you(忠心于你) Edelweiss(雪绒花)

donna donna(多娜多娜) don't cry joni(别哭琼妮) evergreen tree(长青树)

Don't Cry for Me,Argentina(阿根廷,别为我哭泣) elcondor pasa(雄鹰)

don't expect me to be your friend别想我做你的朋友 Gone the rainbow(彩虹消失了)

Everything I Do It for You(一切为你) funny how time slips away(时光飞逝)

great pretender(大欺骗者) Hero英雄 Help me make it through the night(孤枕难眠)

green green grass of home(碧草如茵的家园) green leaves of summer(夏日的绿叶)

Heart of gold(金心) Hey jude Hey paula Hotel California 加洲旅店

Holiday(假日) How Can I Keep from Singing.我爱唱歌(恩雅)

How can I tell her(让我们如何告诉她) How many roads must a man walk down

I do it for you(对你倾情) I don't want to talk about it(我不想谈它)

I just called to say i love you(电话诉衷肠) I went to your wedding(我要参加你的婚礼)

I Will Always Love You我将永远爱你 I will follow him(我将追随他)

I'd love you to wait me(我希望你要我) I'll have to say i love you in a song(歌声传情)

I'll never been to me(我永远不再是我) I'll never fall in love again(我不再恋爱)

I'm a memory(回忆) Imagine 幻想 inside my guitar(吉它心语) Interlude(插曲)

It Must Have Been Love曾经有爱(罗克塞特乐队)

It never rains in southen california(南加洲无雨) Jambalaya(小癞麻)

kiss me goodbye(吻别) kiss me honey,honey kiss me(吻我吧,亲爱的)

laughter in the rain(雨中欢笑) leaving on ajet plane(乘着喷射机离去)

let it be me(归我所有) let it be(让它去) let me be there(让我在你身边)

longer(长远) love is blue(爱是忧郁) love is love(爱就是爱)

love me tender(温柔的爱我) May It Be 魔戒 love potion NO.9(爱情魔药NO.9)

loving you(爱你) me and paul(我和保罗) micheal row the boat(麦克,摇船)

monday morning(星期一早晨) oh!carol(卡露) moon river(月亮河) only you(只有你)

Moon River月亮河(安迪.威廉姆斯) more than i can sys(爱你在心口难开)

morning town ride(轻驶在清晨的小镇) my sweet lord(我甜蜜的上帝)

never on sunday(永不在星期天) one day when we were young(当我们年轻时)

over and over (一次又一次) paloma blanca(帕罗马.布兰克)

photographs & memories(照片回忆) Poetry in motion(动感的小诗)

Pretty Woman(漂亮女人)史依奥比逊) Rain and tears(雨和泪) sad movies(伤感电影)

Rhinestome cowboy(水昌牛仔) rhythm of the rain(雨的旋律)

Right Here Waiting此情可待(理查.马克斯River of no return(大江东去)

Rose rose i love you(玫瑰玫瑰我爱你) San francisco(旧金山) Secret Heart(隐秘的心)

Say You,Say Me(说你,说我)莱昂内尔.里奇 sealed with a kiss(以吻封缄)

season in the sun(阳光季节) She's not for you(她不属于你)

Smoke gets in your eyes(烟迷你的眼) Sometimes when we touch(当我们接触时)

Stay a while(多留一会) Summer wine(夏日美酒) Still in Love with You依然爱你

Streets of london(伦敦大街) Sunshine on my shoulders(阳光洒落我的肩膀)

Sweet memories(甜蜜的回忆) Take me home country road(乡村路带我回家)

Take My Breath Away(带走我的呼吸)柏林乐队 Tea for two(两位茶) The wedding(婚礼)

Tell laura i love her(告诉罗拉我爱她) Tennessee waltz(田纳西华尔兹)

The party's over(晚会结束) Today(今天) The Power of Love爱的力量 There You'll Be

the sound of silence(寂静之声) The way we were (往日情怀) venus(维纳斯)

the world is getting smaller(世界越来越小) Till loneliness is good kristine(远离孤独)

Tonight i celebrate my love(今夜燃亮爱) Try to remember(尝试回忆)

Unchainde melody(奔放的旋律) Unicorn song(独角兽之歌) Vincent(文森特)

When a Man Loves a Woman(当男人爱上女人) when i fall in love(当我坠入爱河)

When You Believe只要你相信(玛丽娅.凯丽) where have all the flowers gong(花落谁家)

windflowers(风信子) yellow river(黄河) Without You没有你 yesterday(昨日)

yesterday once more 昨日重现 yesterday's wine(昨日美酒) you needed me(你需要我)

you're got a friend(你得到一位朋友) you're only lonely(孤独的你)

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree


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